Woman with Down syndrome launches her own business

Jasmine Prince, a beautiful young woman with Down Syndrome just launched her first business, a sewing company.  She inspires others to follow their dream and work by her side. With a little bit of help of her mom Laura Prince, who owes a a company called “Sew Inspired Stitch Lounge”, an after-school sewing program. Jasmine showed natural talent when she started sewing at a young age, and now she’s create job opportunities for people with Down Syndrome herself. What an amazing woman!

Jasmine proudly explains why she loves sewing: “I like sewing, it’s my passion, I like working with fabrics and the letters, and I like the colors” Jasmine hopes starting her own company and using her profits will get her to her main goal: being the next Disney Channel star. Laura, Jasmine’s moms tells she is has been worried for the last few years since she didn’t know what Jasmine would do after she finished school. She decided to create this fabulous opportunity for Jasmine and her fellow students by creating the sewing company called “Jasmine’s Bunting Co”

Jasmine’s business focuses on making flags for holidays, trips and special occasions. 3 days a week Jasmine works accompanied by four young woman creating the most beautiful and colorful flags. Laura’s mothers explains that she knew getting hired by a boss would be a problem for Jasmine. She said:  “They’re just invisible from society for no good reason. Because they’re slow, they don’t get the opportunity to shine at jobs. But more people need to know there are willing hands and willing hearts out there needing work.”
Jasmine bunting co
Jasmine not only loves sewing, her favorite things are photobombing stranger’s selfies and sang on stage with her idol Gary LeVox. Her biggest dream is to become the first Disney Channel star with Down syndrome; and I believe she just hit the right road to being discovered! Lauren’s mom explains that she hopes she can extend the company to become an NGO (non governmental organisation) which means she can hire more people who are not getting hired by former businesses. One of the girls working at Jasmine’s company is Delia, a 21 year old woman who couldn’t find a job since she is wheelchair bounded because of cerebral palsy. Delai said: “I love it here, I like sewing, and I like the environment. I’m motivated to find a full-time job.”

Next to Jasmine and Delia, two twins work at the sewing company next to existing job saying:“I really like the hours, the people, the sewing and the sales,”

“It’s a really fun place for them to work. It’s building their self-esteem, and they’re learning a skill that they can use on the job or at home in their daily lives,” Castro said, a woman working at the San Marcos district’s adult transition program that teaches adults with special needs how to cook, use the public transport and job skills.

Laura, Jasmine’s mom, hopes her daughter, like Madeline Stuart and Tim Harris, can serve as an example for others with Down syndrome. Madeline Stuart is the worlds first model with Down syndrome and recently she owned the stage at the New York Fashion Week walking down the catwalk. Tim Harris followed his dreams and opened his first restaurant serving hugs, breakfast and lunch.
You’re a true inspiration Jasmin! If you’re interested in getting the most beautiful holiday, sports or country flags you can place an order on Jasmine’s website: www.jasminesbuntingco.com

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